HC091 – What Fitness Taught Me About Life (And Dating)

Success in any area of life can be mapped over and applied to the other areas. But what are these traits, skills or habits? How can you apply these lessons to achieving success in dating?

In this episode, I discuss key lessons that I have learned through my success in fitness, and how you can apply these to your dating life and health.

– Have a specific goal in mind

– Be compelled to get there. Internally driven. External is temporary. You have to want it.

– Do it even when you don’t want to.

– Don’t go too hard too early: Enthusiasm driven, expect a lull that you need to push through.

– Create a plan, execute the plan.

– Always different ways to get there.

– Don’t confuse short-term tactics with long-term plans

– Patience and perseverance – change takes a long time – whether you choose to accept it or not. But chasing your tail with hack after hack won’t get you there.

– Basics rule everything – you can’t avoid the foundations.

– Aim for perfection, but don’t expect it. Learn to roll with the punches. Fall off the wagon? Get back on it.

– You aren’t going to enjoy it all the time. That is life.

– You don’t have to kill yourself every workout – I barely ever do. Just do the work and get out. The desire to push yourself harder just comes through being persistent.

– Learn to listen to your body – Sometimes you’re pushing too hard and you need to back off. Other times you need to man the fuck up and push through it. Sometimes you’re wrong about this. Sometimes you’re not. Call yourself out if you’re avoiding.

– Don’t measure yourself against others. It’s the shortcut to unhappiness.

– Surround yourself with like-minded people.

– Do activities you love where fitness is a side effect (same for dating)

– It’s a lonely journey. MOST people are fat, unhappy, unmotivated and suck at dating. Avoid them.

– Get a coach. The financial investment makes you not quit. Their expertise helps you see your blind spots.


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  • September 29, 2018