HC083 – How To Seduce Your Woman Every Day

Most men think that once you get a GF it’s all over and you just run out the clock until death. Dating, pickup, seduction etc. is easy – it’s being in a relationship that is hard work.

You get bored, things become monotonous, it can feel like groundhog day, you take each other for granted, you get annoyed at the tiniest of things, bicker over dumb shit, and ultimately you both lose sight of the big picture as you get stuck in the trenches of the battle of life.

This is where most guys will say “I’m goin’ MGTOW” or whatever other boys club of emotional avoidance that they decide to join.

I’ve just painted a pretty ugly picture of what a relationship can be ? but that was just some of the bad things that can transpire if you neglect to work ON the relationship.

Which doesn’t mean you should avoid it, as a great relationship is where you will find the most fulfilment and self-growth in life (so long as you’re dating the right person).

I’ve always talked about seducing a woman every day. This is why learning game is so important in your development as a male. Yes, some men go too far down the rabbit hole of pickup and become these game-robots that are emotionally avoidant narcissists that figuratively and literally fuck women over for a quick boost of ego. It’s just their way of avoiding intimacy from deep insecurities of unworthiness. But every man who wants to be successful, in ALL area’s of life, must have a great understanding of seduction and creating desire.

So how do you seduce her every day?


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  • August 3, 2018